Precious Drop

Malonga Casquelourd Theater

Oakland, California. 2014

Kedar was awarded the Lighting Artist in Dance Award from Dancers’ Group for his work in Nocturnal Butterflies. Refugee Nation LA, featuring his lighting design and projection mapping, was a LA Weekly Pick of the Week.

Nocturnal Butterflies

Theater Artaud

San Francisco, California. 2009


Theatre of Arts

Los Angeles, California. 2011

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Published Reviews

"...Kedar Lawrence's lighting design is effective..." - RS Bailey, Los Angeles Post.

"Kedar Lawrence's videography add(s) flavor" - Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

(LA Weekly Pick of the Week, June 2012)

"Kedar Lawrence's lighting design fluidly creates multiple locations and moods. Excellent" - Tom Kelly, SF Bay Times 

"The lighting designer Kedar Lawrence has kept the mood going with fascinating and evocative plays of light and shadow" - Lee Hartgrave Reviews

"Kedar Lawrence's video projections of various locales kept the visuals interesting behind the performers on a relatively bare stage." -  Gil Kaan,

"...and projection designer Kedar Lawrence all acquitted themselves well by making this production a delight to see." - Joanne Engelhardt,  The Mercury News

"The clever set design and lighting allow for smooth and swift transitions from Benjamin’s bedroom to the Taft Hotel to a flat in Berkeley to the church..." -  Tony Urgo,

Refugee Nation

Los Angeles Theater Center

Los Angeles, California. 2012

The Graduate, 2017. Lighting Designer.

Blood-Run, 2017. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.

Spamalot, 2017. Video Projection Designer.

BBQ and Bye-Byes, 2017. Video Projection Designer.

SF Sketchfest, 2017. Assistant Technical Director.

DAFT w/ SASS, 2016. Video Projection Designer.

(dis)Place[d], 2016. Video Projection Designer.

Eureka!, 2016. Video Projection Designer.
Global Taxi Driver, 2015. Video Projection Designer.
Precious Drop, 2014. Video Projection Designer, Lighting Designer.
Super Ruwaxi: Origins, 2014. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Refugee Nation MSP, 2014. Technical Director, Lighting/Sound/Video Projection Designer.
Hysteria, 2014. Video Projection Designer, Lighting Designer.
The Decameron, 2013. Video Installation Artist, Video Projection Designer.
The Real Drunk Housewives of SFV, 2012. Technical Director, Video Projection/Lighting Designer.
TST Idol, 2012. Video Projection Designer.
Mental Creatures, 2012. Lighting/Sound Designer. 
Refugee Nation LA, 2012. Technical Director, Video Projection/Sound/Lighting Designer.
New Performance Festival, 2012. Technical Director/SM/Lighting Designer.
No Time To Weep, 2012. Lighting Designer.
Refugee Nation, 2011. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
L.A. Malong Malong, 2011. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
National Asian American Theater Festival, 2011. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Jump Cut, 2011. Lighting Designer.
Sunoh! Tell Me Sister, 2011. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
The Wave, 2010. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Cotton Patch Gospel, 2009. Lighting Designer.
Annie Jr., 2009. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Nocturnal Butterflies, 2009. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Expositions of The Heart, 2009. Lighting Designer.
Helen Keller, 2009. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Fears of Your Life, 2009. Lighting Designer.
The Loom and The Ship, 2009. Lighting Designer.
Candide, 2009. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Fury Factory Theatre Festival, 2009. Technical Director, Festival Manager.
Curious Exhibits, 2009. Lighting Designer.
Scrap-Soup, 2008. Technical Director, Lighting Designer.
Music Man, 2008. Lighting Designer.
Guys and Dolls, 2008. Lighting Designer. 
Alice in Wonderland, 2008. Lighting Designer. 
Yental, 2008. Lighting Designer.
The Seven Deadly Pleasures, 2008. Lighting Designer.