Artist Bio

Published Reviews

"...Kedar Lawrence's lighting design is effective..." - RS Bailey, Los Angeles Post.

"Kedar Lawrence's videography add(s) flavor" - Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

(LA Weekly Pick of the Week, June 2012)

"Kedar Lawrence's lighting design fluidly creates multiple locations and moods. Excellent" - Tom Kelly, SF Bay Times 

"The lighting designer Kedar Lawrence has kept the mood going with fascinating and evocative plays of light and shadow" - Lee Hartgrave Reviews

"Kedar Lawrence's video projections of various locales kept the visuals interesting behind the performers on a relatively bare stage." -  Gil Kaan,

"...and projection designer Kedar Lawrence all acquitted themselves well by making this production a delight to see." - Joanne Engelhardt,  The Mercury News

"The clever set design and lighting allow for smooth and swift transitions from Benjamin’s bedroom to the Taft Hotel to a flat in Berkeley to the church..." -  Tony Urgo,

Kedar Lawrence is a video projection artist based in San Francisco. His work combines cinematography, live video feeds, lighting, video projection and photography creating an environment of interactivity with an emphasis in the degraded image.

Currently, Kedar is using found footage combined with his own video and photograph content which then gets projected into the performance space.  This creates moving grainy world that is both familiar and timeless while reflecting on the current state of the world in relation to the past.